Naman Chauhan

An inquisitive and studious technoid masquerading as an engineering undergrad who has a craving for knowledge and resolution to turn words into actions

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Django Developer Intern

The Sparks Foundation, Singapore

Built a Django web application for credit management. Users details & credits are stored in a postgres DB and application runs on Heroku dynos.

Technical Content Writer

LCSC Electronics, Shenzen, China
FEB 2019 - JUN 2020

Published more than 35 articles which focused on projects like home automation, security, communication, data strorage, etc.

Embedded Systems Intern

Karthaa Labs, Chennai, India
JUN 2019 - AUG 2020

I have been handling task for developing the firmware of ESP8266 microcontroller for HTTP communication using JSON API.

Charge D' Affairs

SRMN Model UN, New Delhi, India
JUN 2019 - JUL 2019

Successfully collaborated with the United Nations Outreach Office for official recognition from the elite international body. Also, directly managed the executive board as equivalent to a communication director.


Bachelor of Technology

SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Currently pursuing undergraduate in computer science and engineering for batch of 2021.

Senior Secondary(10+2)

Jodhamal Public School
APR 2016 - MAR 2017

Passed out in non-medical science stream.

Higher Secondary(10th)

Jodhamal Public School
APR 2014 - MAR 2015


Classification of Cardiovascular Disease using Wearable Device and Machine Learning over Cloud

Springer Publications
JULY 2020

Presented research paper in the 8th International Conference on Recent Trends in Computing in July 2020. It focused on the detection of cardiovascular diseases using a wearable device that could send data to a cloud-based database. The data is streamed to the database can be used by a cloud-based machine learning model to detect any symptoms of Cardiovascular diseases. Manuscript submitted for publication. It will be published in Springer Book Series on "Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems” (LNNS), SCOPUS Indexed.

Home Automation with NoSQL and Node-through Message Queuing Telemetry Transport

Springer Publications
DEC 2019

Presented research paper in 5th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications in December 2019. It discussed home automation technology using Node-RED and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protocol for lightweight data transmission to achieve automation from anywhere of the world on even very weak internet connectivity. Manuscript submitted for publication. It will be published in Springer Book Series on "Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems” (LNNS), SCOPUS Indexed.



C/C++ Programming

Python Programming

Embedded Systems


Web Development

Contact Info

17th December 1998
Naman Chauhan
New Delhi, India


Learning new stuff about the cosmos, public speaking, reading technology blogs, creating projects and writing articles, listening to music, bike riding